GLAS is recognised as the premier independent, non-creditor, conflict-free provider of corporate trustee and loan agency services in the fixed income and debt restructuring sectors.

New Issuance

GLAS provides trustee services on a diverse portfolio of trustee appointments from issuers covering fixed income, debt issuance programmes, infrastructure projects, real estate projects to stand alone bond issues.

Our mission is to provide our clients, beneficiaries and advisers with the highest quality service. We do this by delivering a responsive and flexible solution.

We consider amendment, consent and waiver requests from the issuer in a proactive and commercial manner and facilitate communication between the issuer and beneficiaries in default or potential default situations.

As an independent provider we are in a privileged position to take security in multiple jurisdictions, depending on the needs of the transaction.


As an independent provider of replacement bond trustee services, we offer a conflict free solution during the restructuring process. The specialist skills of our team help actively manage the restructuring process on the transaction.

We have been appointed directly by the main creditors on bond issues to replace the incumbent bank trustee due to an inflexibility during the restructuring process.

We also are appointed by the incumbent bank trustee on transactions as they may be conflicted initially due to other roles they also provide on the transaction.


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