Structured Finance

GLAS is a leading independent provider of corporate trust and agency services, with a wealth of experience across the debt capital markets on both new issuance and debt restructurings.

Benefits of using GLAS:

  • GLAS is privately owned and fully independent from any other transaction parties so is able to offer a conflict free approach
  • GLAS takes a ‘front office approach to a back office service’, prioritising service quality, responsiveness and attention to detail ensuring ease of deal execution
  • A dedicated deal team with a single point of contact drawn from our team of corporate trust, agency and legal experts, allowing queries to be dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • In-house London based compliance team, ensuring a risk-based approach is taken to the on-boarding process and that KYC is turned around efficiently to meet tight timelines
  • Significant experience of working with key market participants in both mature and developing jurisdictions, ensuring investors’ interests are represented, protected and maintained in accordance with the transaction documents
  • Experience working on a variety of structured finance and securitisation structures

Asset Classes

GLAS offers corporate trust and agency services across the full range of securitisation and structured finance asset classes, including:

  • Alternative & SME Lending Platforms
  • Asset Financing (shipping, aircraft)
  • Auto & Consumer ABS
  • ABCP
  • CLOs
  • CMBS
  • Convertible & Exchangeable Bonds
  • Fintech Platforms
  • Infrastructure and Project Bonds
  • LPNs
  • NPL Securitisations
  • Private Placements
  • Repackagings
  • RMBS
  • Student Loans Securitisation
  • Trade Receivables Securitisation
  • Whole Business Securitisation
  • High Yield Bonds


For more information please contact a business development representative at:
+44(0)203 597 2940