High Yield

Our Experience:

GLAS has vast experience of working with key market participants in both mature and developing jurisdictions, ensuring investors’ interests are represented, protected and maintained in accordance with the transaction documents.

We typically work on the following deals and structures:

• Programme based products e.g. MTNs, repacks
• Loan Participation Notes
• Convertible and equity linked bonds
• Securitisation and structured financings
• Private placements
• Project finance
• Plain vanilla debt
• High Yield transactions

Our Roles:

GLAS has grown to reflect the constantly evolving requirements of the capital markets and offer a full suite of trustee services, as well as bespoke services, to meet market participants needs. These include:

• Note and Bond Trustee
• Security Trustee
• Successor Trustee
• DTC FAST Transfer Agent
• Paying Agent
• Escrow Agent
• Process Agent
• Noteholder Representative
• Registrar
• Calculation Agent
• Bare Trustee
• Transfer Agent
• Holding Period Trustee

Trustee Services:

We provide a comprehensive range of trustee services, including:

• Holding security over charged assets on behalf of the noteholders in multiple jurisdictions
• Representing the interests of noteholders
• Reviewing amendments, waivers and other requests in a commercial manner
• Facilitating communication between the issuer and noteholders on an ongoing basis
• Convening and coordinating noteholder meetings
• Enforcing security in the event of a default


For more information please contact a business development representative at:

+44(0)203 597 2940