Paul Cattermole

Paul Cattermole

Head of Debt Capital Markets, UK

Paul is Head of Debt Capital Markets, UK at GLAS. Paul is responsible for a team of Transaction Managers, and for Client Service on Debt Capital Market products ranging from Escrows, Bonds and Restructurings.

Paul has a 30-year background in Debt Capital Markets working from operations, into common depositary and transaction management. Prior to joining GLAS, he managed a team of Transaction Managers and a support team in London and Dublin at BNYMellon. He has also held positions at Citibank, UBS and HSBC in the conventional debt space specialising in Trustee and Agency roles. Paul has also spent time was also spent offshore In Jersey and the Channel Islands.

 +44 20 3949 7879


55 Ludgate Hill
Level 1 West
London EC4M 7JW
United Kingdom