GLAS are pleased to announce the successful implementation of the financial restructuring of Atento

LONDON, UK (27 November 2023)

GLAS acted as Information Agent, Holding Period Trustee, Tabulation Agent, and New Money Agent for Atento, one of the world’s largest providers of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM/BPO) services and industry leader in Latin America in their successful UK Restructuring Plan.

Atento Restructuring


Atento has developed its business model in 17 countries where it employs approximately 135,000 people and has over 400 blue chip clients to whom it offers a wide range of CRM BPO services through multiple channels. It’s clients are mostly leading multinational corporations in industries such as telecommunications, banking, tech, fintech, health, retail and public administrations, among others.

Successful restructuring

The Restructuring Plan implemented several innovative features, including a consent solicitation to amend the governing law of New York law notes to English Law.

The company’s creditors overwhelming approved the restructuring at the creditors meeting on 13th November and were sanctioned by the English Court at the sanction hearing on the 17th November 2023.


Atento website.
Atento press release.

About GLAS

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