Whizz Kids Morph Trail

GLAS are supporting Whizz-Kidz by sponsoring a Morph statue in London’s first ever step-free art trail

GLAS are proud and delighted to announce that we are supporting the national disability charity, Whizz-Kidz by sponsoring a Morph statue in London’s first ever step-free art trail!

Morph’s Epic Art Adventure

Morph’s Epic Art Adventure opens across London on 19th June.

It will take the public through London’s famous streets on a step-free art trail that stretches from South Bank of the River Thames to the historic City of London, helping them discover each sculpture and unlock a series of rewards and fun facts.

GLAS sponsor Morph’s Epic Art Adventure

GLAS’s Morph ‘Stay Frosty’ has been created by Jasön Curtis a versatile creative from a lifelong career in engineering. His work ranges from exquisitely detailed bespoke leatherwork, through dramatic nautical paintings and urban driftwood sculptures, to spirited cartoons that vividly capture his sense of humour.

Jasön created Stay Frosty based upon a childhood experience….

I once built a snowman Morph. I was devastated when he melted. Of course, snowmen inevitably melt. Today we face the alarming issue of melting polar ice, with devastating global consequences. ‘Stay frosty’ is an example of the meta-Morph-osis of language, going from a military phrase meaning “stay calm and alert”, to one appearing in films, songs, and games. All of us need to ‘stay frosty’ and work calmly together to reverse the climate crisis and ensure our ice caps stay frosty!


Whizz-Kidz work with young wheelchair users and their families, to provide the right wheelchair or equipment for them, at the right time in their lives, to help them to live fulfilled, fun and exciting lives! They also provide confidence-building experiences, through activity workshops, wheelchair skills training, employability programmes and much more!

Arunima Misra, Legal Counsel at GLAS is a wheelchair user and a Trustee of this wonderful charity. Arunima’s journey with Whizz-Kidz started when she was a teenager and received her first power-chair. This equipment had a profound, overnight impact on her life, mobility and independence and transformed her family’s life too. Arunima felt motivated and confident to make her ambitions a reality and with Whizz-Kidz help, made some life-changing decisions to move away from home, go to University and eventually live in London to pursue a career in Law. These wheelchairs are not just mobility aids – they provide young disabled people with the opportunity to make their own choices and decisions about their own life-path and gives them the freedom of mobility to go and make their dreams come true. Whizz-Kidz are with their beneficiaries every step of the way.

GLAS are a Disability Confident Employer

GLAS are a Disability Confident Employer and we uphold diversity as one of our key values. We are excited to be a sponsor of Whizz-Kidz and we know that our contribution will give young wheelchair users the equipment and life-skills they need, in order to move their lives forward in meaningful ways!

You can’t assign a value to independence; it’s priceless!

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Find out more about how Whizz-Kids support young wheelchair users HERE.