GLAS Announces Retirement of CEO Steven Hodgetts

June 2021, London

Steven Hodgetts advised the GLAS Board of Directors in early Spring that he planned to retire on 1st September 2021, after stepping down as CEO in April 2021. Hodgetts will transition to Non-Executive Director for several group companies.

Co-Founders Mia Drennan and Brian Carne will continue to run the firm together. Drennan, who is Group President, will run the Global Sales and Business Operations, and Carne will be responsible for oversight of Global Risk, Compliance & Legal.

They are supported by a wider leadership team, Stuart Draper, Chief Operating Officer, and Joanne Brooks, Managing Director and European Head of Business & Sales. Kate White, Managing Director GLAS Australia, and Martin Reed, Managing Director GLAS Americas, round out the Group’s management.

Hodgetts remarked,

“It has been a privilege to grow GLAS with my talented colleagues since 2016. The level of service GLAS provides clients is unmatched in the market, and I look forward to seeing the Company continue to thrive and grow going forward under the vision and stewardship of the Founders’ leadership.”

Drennan, said,

“I have known Steve for 25 years and it has been my pleasure to work with him for a number of those, particularly here at GLAS. Brian and I appreciate all that Steve has done since joining us in 2016 and being part of the GLAS family. We are thrilled he will continue to bring his experience and expertise to our board.”

About GLAS

Global Loan Agency Services Limited was established in 2011 as an independent provider of institutional debt administration services. The company was originally created to provide the market a willing participant in complex loan restructuring transactions where many large institutions are reluctant to take swift and cooperative action. It offers a wide range of administration services developed specifically for the debt market. GLAS is recognised as the premier independent, non-creditor, conflict-free provider of loan agency and bond trustee services, with excess of EUR 110bn of assets under administration on a daily basis. For more information, please contact