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GLAS appointed Information and Settlement Agent on Travelex’s New Money Investment

July 2020, London

GLAS Specialist Services Limited was recently appointed Information and Settlement Agent for the £99,225,000 aggregate principal amount of the 12.5% Subordinated Guaranteed Secured Notes due 2025, issued by Travelex Issuerco Limited (the “Issuer”). Travelex Topco Limited (“New TopCo”) will issue 8 of its shares (“New TopCo Shares”) for each £1,000 principal amount of Sterling Notes. Holders of the Notes will initially hold all New TopCo Shares.

GLAS previously replaced Deutsche Bank as Facility Agent, Security Agent, Trustee, Paying Agent, Transfer Agent and Registrar for Travelex Holdings Limited in accordance with the Indenture relating to the Senior Secured Notes due 2022, the Intercreditor Agreement dated 28 April 2017 and Senior Facilities Agreement dated 28 April 2017. GLAS was also appointed Authenticating Agent.

Travelex is a UK based foreign exchange group.

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