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GLAS opens up in Sydney, Australia

GLAS, the independent provider of finance administration services, has announced the opening of an office in Sydney, Australia.

GLAS sees growth in its finance administration services in Australia

A Sydney office expands the GLAS business in Australia following the opening of its Melbourne office in 2016. Since then, GLAS has seen significant interest in its services across the Australian loan and debt markets. GLAS has already taken key roles in major deals, specialising in complex deals – including loan and bond restructurings.

Recent transactions

Successful transactions include the Atlas Iron restructuring and the buy-out of SAI Global, where GLAS acted as Facility Agent and Security Trustee over both First and Second Lien debt1. GLAS is also the Security Trustee for the complex Emeco restructuring currently underway.

GLAS Australia

Barnaby Webb, Head of GLAS Australia, commented:

“Since opening the office in Melbourne in 2016 we have been given the opportunity to work on a number of high-profile Australian-based deals. While Independent Agent and Security Trustee services are a relatively new concept to the Australian market, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response received.”

A Global Company

GLAS has recently opened offices in both New York and New Jersey in the US, as well as Singapore. In March, it announced its regulatory approval for its US entity, GLAS Trust Company, LLC. Opening in Sydney also coincides with GLAS sponsoring the INSOL International 2017 Conference, taking place 19-22 March 2017 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.



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